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I don't like to say I have “almost” retired because I could never really do that, but time moves on and I am now not holding Exhibitions throughout the year as I used to do. I will, however, still be available for consultation about framing, restoration, finding work by a particular artist, or insurance valuations, but we are not going to be holding any more general selling exhibitions.


We will be continuing to represent


promoting him, as we have for more than 50 years; keeping a stock of his current work, and, for the foreseeable future, we will be holding a One Man Show of Peter’s work in September each year.


The work of Northamptonshire Artists of the last 100 years, or so, has always been my particular field and I will still be keeping a keen interest in paintings by


BIRD Henry 1909-2000
CARROLL Nina 1932-1990
COOP Hubert 1873-1953
DORR Harry 1872-1950
EAST Sir Alfred 1844-1913
GASH Walter Bonner 1869-1928
GOTCH Thomas Cooper 1854-1931
HARRISON George 1876-1950
HOLLAND George 1901-1987
JOWETT Frank 1879-1943
ROBINSON Tom Osborne 1904-1976
SHOOSMITH Thurston L. 1870-1924
SPENCELAYH Charles 1865-1958


and I do, from time to time have items for sale.


If you should be looking for a painting by one of the artists above, or have one you would like to sell, please give me a ring on 01604 755260 or email me at, and you never know, one might just have just come into my hands, or I could well know someone who is looking for one!!!


Michael Savage



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Michael Savage - Savage Fine Art

is delighted to be presenting

"Autumn - At Home"

Paintings shown in the exhibition can be found on this page




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